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Yanmar Eyes Above 50% Market Share

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PT Yanmar Diesel Indonesia (Yadin) targets a market share of over 50% in 2019 for diesel engine and agricultural equipment products. Currently, Yanmar's market share of diesel engines and light agricultural equipment is still 30%.

"Although the use of Yanmar diesel engines and agricultural equipment is quite familiar, we have not been able to achieve the highest market share because the competition for these two products is quite tight," said PT Yanmar Diesel Indonesia Planning and Administration Marketing and CS Division Staff Ignatius Wisnu during a Media Visit to Beritasatu. Media Holding, in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/7).

Wisnu said Yanmar's well-known diesel engine products were the YTG Generator Set and the Horizontal Diesel Engine. Meanwhile, Yanmar's light agricultural equipment products include Rotary Hand Tractors, Cultivators, Grain Breaker Machines, Rice Whitener Machines, and Rice Grinding Machines.

For heavy agricultural equipment, Yanmar products already dominate the market with a market share of 50%. Yanmar's heavy agricultural equipment products that have dominated the market are 4-Wheel Tractors and Combined Rice Harvesting Machines.

Wisnu is optimistic that Yanmar will be able to achieve its market share target of over 50% because it is driven by agricultural and industrial activities which have started to get excited in the second semester. Moreover, the company also issued the latest, more sophisticated technology.

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"All diesel engine products and agricultural equipment are produced at the Yanmar factory in Depok with a production capacity of 60 thousand units of diesel engines per year and 30 thousand units of agricultural equipment per year," he said.

Wisnu continued, Yanmar also produces Connecting Rodb and Genset with a production capacity of 11 thousand units and 30 thousand units per year respectively. Of production, 60% is for the domestic market and the remaining 40% is for export.

He said, Yanmar's largest market for agricultural equipment is Sulawesi and Kalimantan, because the agricultural area is still quite large. Meanwhile for exports, the company focuses on marketing Gensets and Connecting Rods overseas, with the Philippines and Brazil being the biggest markets.

Yanmar is a company founded in Japan in 1972 with the main business being the production of agricultural implements and diesel engines. Indonesia is a promising market for Yanmar because its agricultural and industrial activities are growing rapidly.

Wisnu emphasized that Yanmar has the ambition to become a consistently high quality stationary diesel motorcycle company by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Yanmar products are sold at various prices, ranging from IDR 20 million to IDR 600 million.

Until now, Yanmar products have spread across 18 branch offices throughout Indonesia. Yanmar also works with several multi finance companies in the payment system.

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